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We’ve been featured in over 30 publications including Profit,  Fast Company,  CIO, and The Economist.  Our founder is a regular Forbes contributor as part of the Forbes Business Development Council.  Let us bring that expertise to you and your business. Our Fractional COO and Fractional PMO are ready to help accelerate your success.


Michael Fritsch

Michael Fritsch


Since 2003, my team and  I have helped companies accelerate their sales, operations, and service. I bring 30+ years of executive operational success with companies ranging from SMBs and Startups to the Fortune 500.  

An Army veteran,  I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point  with a BS in Engineering .  I hold an MBA in Technology Management, and graduated from the Stanford-AEA Executive Program. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.

As a recognized expert, I’ve been featured in over 30 publications  including Profit,  Fast Company,  CIO, and The Economist.  I am a regular Forbes contributor as part of the Forbes Business Development Council.

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What We Do

We solve business problems. We provide fractional COO/PMO services and professional consulting for SMBs and startups.


Our Approach

We are recognized business experts, project experts, and technology experts.  We use that expertise to map and optimize your processes, assess your current operations, and provide guidance, support,  and solutions to scale your business.


Our Mission

Accelerate your business results.

Optimize Your SOS

Sales Operations: Increase Revenue

Close more business.  Close it faster.  Optimize your lead generation, prospecting, and sales pipeline.  Bring discipline to the selling process and see your status at every stage.

Business Operations: Scale your business & Control your costs

Make the best use of your people and your equipment.  Eliminate waste. Optimize your supply chain. Eliminate headaches and surprises. Get visibility into your operations. 

Service Operations: Deliver on your promises

Optimize service performance. Delver on your promises. Retain and expand business. See your service performance and effectiveness in real time.


 How We Help

COO+:  Fractional COO we provide operations leadership and support that acts as Chief Operating Officer on a part-time basis or assists your COO.

PMO+: Fractional PMO we provide PMO services on a small scale to act as your PMO on a part-time basis or assists our project office. 

OpsAssess+:  An easy, but thorough assessment of your operations.  You get an ACTIONABLE diagnosis of your Sales, Operations, and Service and how to improve.


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